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Hangxiao Steel Structure Signed a US $112 Million Refinery Steel Structure Supply Contract with Nigerian Dangote Group

On September 1, 2016, Hangxiao Steel Structure Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hangxiao Steel Structure") and Nigerian manufacturing giant (Dangote Group) signed a US $112 million refinery steel structure supply contract in Beijing. 
At 08:18, Shan Yinmu, Chairman of Hangxiao Steel Structure, and Wang Shenghong, Vice president of Hangxiao Steel Structure, warmly received Mr. Dangote, Chairman of Dangote Group, Mr. EdYun, Executive President of the Project, Mr. Dipak, President of Purchasing, and other two persons, at the Westin Hotel Conference Room in Beijing. Chen Gong, Marketing Director of Hangxiao Steel Structure, Dong Zhiwu, General Manager of the International Business Department, and Zhang Hongtao, Beijing Department Manager accompanied the reception. 
The Chairman, Shan Yinmu and Mr. Dangote cordial exchanged views and exchanged suggestions on the strategy development of the enterprise. During the meeting, the chairman, Shan Yinmu, explained the company's strategic mission of "making the company sustainable, creating greater value for customers, providing development platforms for employees, providing long-term returns for shareholders, and taking on more responsibilities for the community", and Mr. Dangote expressed his appreciation and approval. Mr. Dangote welcomed Hangxiao Steel Structure to open the title page of cooperation with Dangote Group, and believed both sides will form a long-term partnership. The chairman, Shan Yinmu, said that steel structure housing system is green and reusable, which would certainly benefit the people of Africa. 
After the meeting, the two sides signed Dangote Group Signing Supply Contract of Steel Structures in Refineries with the contract amount of US $112.08 million. The project, which is located at the Lechi Industrial Park in Nigeria, has a total investment of US $9 billion and is expected to be put into use in 2018. The construction period of the steel structure of the project is 16 months, and the design and management companies are from India. 
Up to now, the overseas projects of Hangxiao Steel Structure have been spread in more than 50 countries or regions around the world such as Germany, Iceland, India, Iran, South Africa, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia and so on. The signing of the project means that the overseas strategy of Hangxiao Steel Structure has taken another solid step. 

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