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Green products embody great love

Shan Genmum, chairman of Hangxiao points out that Hangxiao shall become a company that is not only responsible to its employees, shareholders and investors, but also responsible to the industry, the society and the country. Over the past three decades, Hanxiao lays great stress on the research and development of independent intellectual property and has undertaken several national construction-related scientific research projects. At the same time, we emphasize the research and development of multiple high-rise steel structured housing system. Now we have obtained more than 300 patents and have taken part in and played a leading role in the formulation of more than 30 national, local and industrial regulations and norms. Moreover, we have set about the popularization and promotion of steel structure houses to enable green house to benefit the public.

Currently, Hangxiao not only contributes its ability and wisdom to the industry in terms of the national, local and industrial regulations and norms, but all the more shares most of its patents with other enterprises. All these are aimed at upgrading the overall technical level of enterprises of the same realm and promoting the overall progress and healthy development of the industry.

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