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Charity activities help relieve disasters

The French writer Hugo once said, “Ocean is broadest in the world; sky is broader than ocean; and the mind is broader than the sky.” Hangxiao never forgets to repay the society and has taken part in such activities as blood donation without payment, donation to earthquake relief work, book donation with great love and charitable donation. Every single step of Hangxiao is in close connection with repaying the society.

We also set up scholarship and student subsidies in Zhejiang University and Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology. We have successively offered donation for the establishment of Ning’er Tongxin Hope Primary School in Yunnan, Menghaitian Hope Primary School, Sichuan Guangyuan Middle School, Shahe Primary School and other steel-structured aseismatic teaching buildings. Hangxiao also made donation to Xiaoshan Charity Federation, Xinjie Branch and Xinjie Middle School. What’s more, we constructed a dormitory building to improve the living condition of employees and have participated in other programs for public good. Now our charitable donation totals 50 million Yuan.

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