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    • Hangxiao Steel Structure selected into Xinhua's National Brands Project
    • Hangxiao Steel Structure Co., Ltd. (600477.SH) inked a deal with Xinhua News Agency on Tuesday to embark on cooperation in areas such as economic and financial information, think tank service, market research, credit evaluation, etc.Detail>>

    • HangxiaoSteelStructureCo.,Ltd.(600477.SH)inkedadealwithXinhuaNewsAgencyonTuesdaytoembarkoncooperationinareassuchaseconomicandfinancialinformation,thinktankservice,marketresearch,creditevaluation,etc.Photo:HangxiaoSteelStructureCo.,Ltd.inksadealwithXinhuaNewsAgencyonbrandbuildings...Detail>>

    • In January 2018, Hangxiao Steel Structure (Hebei) Construction Co., Ltd. received a banner from the Dacheng Hotel Reconstruction Project Department of the China Construction Eighth Engineering Division. The excellent construction management ability and good faith performance abil...Detail>>