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Hangxiao steel structure and then landing strategic cooperation steel structure assembly project Jiangxi Province, the development of assembly-style construction

Date:2016-12-15 14:28

Recently, Jiangxi Province to promote the development of assembly-style construction of the introduction of guidance, clearly put forward Nanchang, Shangrao, Fuzhou, Ji'an, Jiujiang and Ganzhou and other places for the development of pilot cities for the development of buildings to encourage the pilot cities first try to explore the formation of propulsion Development of the policy mechanism system and technical system, to speed up the establishment of assembly-type construction industry base and demonstration projects, in the province to promote.

On December 15, Hangxiao Steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hangxiao Steel") and Nanchang County Construction Investment and Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Nanchang County Investment), Jiangxi Zhongcheng Green Construction Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Green construction) on Hangxiao steel structure of the steel structure of the relevant technical resources and the use of the implementation of licensing and other aspects of a consensus, and successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

The agreement was jointly signed by Zhang Zhenyong, President of Hangxiao Steel and Mr. Chen Hao, Chairman of Nanchang County Investment Committee, and Yang Tao, Chairman of Jiangxi Zhongcheng Green Building. Nanchang County People's Government Governor Chen Xiang, Director of the Office of Huang Xiao Bottle, the Secretary for Commerce Huang Jiuhui, Commerce Bureau of the domestic trade section chief Xie Yang, Hang Xiao Steel Vice President Lu Yongjun, vice president and chairman of the board Chen Rui, chief financial officer Cai Lulu, Vice President Chen Weiying, Chief Engineer Yin Weize, Assistant President Xie Kexing attended the signing ceremony. The following are the same as the "

Cooperation reached, can not do without Nanchang county government on the assembly of the construction industry, scientific planning and policy guidance. Nanchang County Investment Chairman Chen Hao firmly believe that in Nanchang county government policy support, relying on Hangxiao steel strong technical support, and Nanchang enterprise excellence, innovation and pioneering spirit, the project settled in Nanchang County, will be able to thrive, rapid development, To seize the market, the formation of the brand.

Jiangxi Zhongcheng Green Building Chairman Yang Tao said in his speech, joined the promotion of steel structure of the construction of the army, deeply responsible for the hope that the government and cooperative enterprises under the joint efforts of the project as soon as possible in Nanchang County take root , And developed into a steel structure of the building of the flagship, and jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of Nanchang County construction industry.

Nanchang County is the capital of Jiangxi Province, the first county, strategic cooperation projects can be settled in Nanchang County is a big event, Hang Xiao Steel Chairman Zhang Zhenyong said at the signing ceremony, believe that the cooperation, to better play steel residential "standardization" Industrial "," green "," strong earthquake "and other advantages, to promote the development of new local construction industry, bigger local housing industry market, for the community to assume more responsibility.

Chen Xiang County attended the signing ceremony and speech, Chen County, said the "thirteen five" period, the assembly of the building has become the development direction of the construction industry. The successful implementation of this cooperation, representing the development of steel structure in Nanchang has taken a solid step forward. After the project landed, the government will continue to pay attention and support, together with the project to build the province into the first assembly of the construction industry park.

As of December 15, 2016, Hangxiao Steel has the world's leading steel pipe bundle structure of the residential system shared to 38 strategic partners, all over the country 18 provinces and autonomous regions.

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