Your present location:Course of development
  • First stage: establishment

    The year of 1985-1996 is the first stage of the enterprise. Since the inception of the company in 1985, the company was engaged in the manufacture and installation of metal component products. After 1990, the company cooperated with Hangzhou Fuchun Boiler Factory to set up Boiler Manufacture Co. Ltd., producing transportation machinery. In 1994, Light Steel Structure Manufacture Company was set up, marking its full-scale entrance into the field of steel building.


  • Second stage:Growth

    The year of 1996-2003 is the growth period of the enterprise. After 1996, the company made an adjustment in product structure with giving up transportation machinery products and boiler steel-framed work and focusing on the design, manufacture and installation of steel building. Besides light steel structure products, the company has developed domestically advanced rectangle-typed steel pipe concrete column which has been applied in high-rise steel building so as to enter into the high-speed lane of development. The company has been improved considerably in the fields of management, talents technology etc. Thanks to the tremendous strength, Hangxiao has become one of the largest steel structure companies among the country.

  • Third stage:Transition

    In 2003, the company has successfully finished the reconstruction of modern enterprise system, entering into the capital market and being listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange. Chairman Shan Yinmu thinks that this is just a real beginning of Hangxiao carve-out and Hangxiao will build the best enterprise in the country with hundredfold ambition and determination so as to form the dominant position in the industry; that with the quantity increasing the company will realize a qualitative leap and sustainable development so as to lay a solid foundation for becoming an international first-class company eventually.

  • Fourth stage:Improvement

    In 2013, our company had been listed for the tenth year. Through unremitting efforts over the past decade, Hangxiao has attained a new height and taken the lead in carrying out strategic cooperation plan in the industry with a view to creating a development platform for achieving mutual benefit and win-win outcome for strategic partners. By working out a grand strategic objective, we plan to, within ten years, make intensive effort in steel structures, carry out professional design, involve in housing projects in a meticulous way, expand our building material business, and to become more competitive in general contracting. All these are aimed at turning Hangxiao into a first-rate provider for integrated service on green buildings of the world.